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How is the spray application of the two-component Gelcoat product carried out?
Two-component Gelcoat is a special finish based on polyester or epoxy resin that is used for painting composite materials. This product does not make the area on which it is applied impermeable, but it is equally useful to limit the damage related to the action of water and atmospheric agents.
These particular products are widely used in the construction of polyester resin finishes of parts intended for diving, such as hulls, boats and surfboards, but also of parts permanently in contact with water, such as swimming pools, pools, sanitary ware and pipes, as well as motorcycle fairings and furnishing objects.
The spray finish with Gelcoat ensures a smooth, hard and compact surface that ensures a pleasant aesthetic appearance, also limiting any possible damage related to wear.


Tecnover has designed and produced a special article for the drafting of this product: the Marine M12. This particular airless paint sprayer is specifically designed for the nautical sector and the application of anti-fouling paints.
The Marine M12 product includes:

  • Airless trolley paint sprayer
  • 6-litre drop tank
  • Junction with a pressure gauge
  • Anti-vibration tube
  • Single metal braid high-pressure hose
  • Professional Airless Gun
  • Self-cleaning nozzles.

By using this method for the spreading and application of spray Gelcoat, the dispersion of the product is made null and void, guaranteeing maximum yield. Finally, the application speed and the absence of fog during the application also further optimise operations and machining. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]