You are currently viewing Marine M12: our airless sprayer for marine applications

Marine M12: our airless sprayer for marine applications

Tecnover presents Marine M12, our advanced and sophisticated airless sprayer for marine applications. This model, specifically designed for the nautical industry, is perfect for the application of both the gelcoat and the so-called anti-fouling paints, essential to maintain your boat to their maximum performance.

Here are the technical data of our Marine M12:

  • Electric motor according to CE regulations
  • Power: Singlephase Kw 1,8 V.230/50 Hz or Threephases Kw 2,2 V.380/50Hz
  • Noise level according to CE regulations (75 dB)
  • Max pressure: 220 Bar
  • Delivery rate: 9 l/min
  • Max nozzle size: 0,041”
  • Delivery head: 70 m.

The airless method is the most effective and efficient for ensuring a high-yield coating while avoiding the formation of fog.

Specifically, the airless painting system paint sprayers the product to a high pressure of 220 bar to the tungsten carbide gun nozzle.

The pressure drop at the exit promotes the atomization of the product, which therefore goes at a low speed directly on the surface to be painted. Since the airless paint nullifies the transport air and decreases to its maximum the product rebound, the overspray is substantially zero during application.

What are the benefits of using an airless painting in the nautical industry?

  • The zero dispersion of the product guarantees an excellent performance of the materials
  • The paint mode provides maximum speed during the application
  • The absence of fog during the application goes to full advantage of the operator’s health

The airless sprayer Marine M12 by Tecnover is supplied with a complete kit, which includes:

  • Professional Airless Paint Sprayer TECNOVER mod. MARINE M12
  • Gravity tank l.6
  • Pressure gauge
  • Anti-Vibration hose
  • Steel braided HP Hose diam. 1/4”, WP 300 Bar, length 20 m.
  • Professional Airless spray gun mod. B500
  • Replaceable reversible Zip Tip nozzles (two different sizes for Antifouling paint and Gelcoat)

Discover the exceptional performance of Marine M12, the result of Tecnover’s thirty-year experience in the industry, and synonymous with reliability, efficiency and durability.