The Solution for Continuous Air Spray Painting
With the Short series and related accessories developed by TECNOVER, continuous air spray painting becomes a breeze. Not for nothing, the top-of-the-range performance of our solutions has made the Short 110 one of the most appreciated products for the most varied areas of industrial painting.

Very easy to use and very versatile, Short is composed by a special machine under pressure that eliminates the classic drawbacks of the traditional cup gun at the root, such as continuous refills and excessive weight.

Supplied with the Short 110 series you will find a very light gun and a tank that directly contains the product packaging: zero waste caused by racking and a lot of time gained for your spray painting.

Explore this section and find out how many variable measuring nozzles are also available. Since the Short is perfect for continuous air spray painting with products such as alphatone, polychrome, wall enamels, slight peel plastics, all you have to do is choose the most suitable accessory for your work and apply it to a cart machine weighing less than 30 kilos. Can be used anywhere, transportable anywhere.