Ideal For Ecological Painting “High Volume Low Pressure”
HVLP turbines are environmentally friendly because they allow to exploit the “high volume low pressure” technology, creating a perfect synthesis between efficiency in spray painting and stronger eco-compatibility.

For this particular ecological painting, TECNOVER has developed several specific solutions and equipment, specially designed to limit the dispersion of spray during painting operations, and therefore their diffusion in the atmosphere. In practical terms, this means that HVLP turbines are safer for the user because they do not impact excessively on air quality and, contextually, are also greener for the environment because they reduce pollution. All this, optimizing the consumption of paint or other materials with which the spray painting is carried out.

In addition, the technology used by our HVLP turbines reduces the formation of fog, a typical problem of painting carried out with compressed air equipment. The air quality in the work area is further improved by the presence of an air filter in entry and the optimal spraying of the paints is guaranteed by the high-power turbine, for an extraordinarily precise final result.

This is how excellent coatings are obtained in an era that is more and more careful to the aspect of eco-sustainability.