Airless method

A Very High Yield Technique That Does Not Produce Overspray


When it comes to Airless paint sprayers it is often explained that no fog is created.

What does it mean and what are the advantages?

In compressed air systems, the product is sprayed and conveyed on the surface to be treated through the air.

This reaches the gun using a pipe different from the one that carries the product and exits through the nozzle mixed with it.

To access the high speed necessary for its atomisation, a very high air volume is required.

This leads to the creation of fog (in English overspray), with the consequent waste of material and a greater possibility of dirtying nearby environments.

With the Airless method, this total absence avoids the dispersion of particles in the form of fog and allows most of the paint to settle on the surface without wasting product.

In this painting system, the high-pressure product (up to 250 Bar) is sent to the gun equipped with a tungsten carbide nozzle.

The pressure drop at the outlet of the latter causes the spraying of the material that arrives at low speed on the surface to be painted.

Since there is no transport air and there is minimal product rebound, the result is a substantially zero overspray.

There are many benefits:

The Airless coating also allows spraying products with greater viscosity, covering corners and surface details that are difficult to reach, applying the product uniformly on smooth or rough surfaces, both vertical and horizontal.

TECNOVER Solutions for Airless Painting

Thanks to the high operating pressure and flow rates at the top of the range, our Airless coating machines guarantee you a truly surprising speed of execution.

The strength of the Testarossa series Airless paint sprayers is their range of action that starts from 30 meters of the Superquatromila model up to 90 metres of the Superventimila model, both horizontally and predominantly, allowing you to not waste time in having to move the machine during use.

The Testarossa series Airless painting paint sprayers are also suitable for various types of processing: from construction (external, internal, waterproofing, eternity remediation) to carpentry, from nautical (for the application of anti-fouling paint) to industry.

There are many sprayable products: enamels, paints, primers, tempera, indoor washable paints, siloxane and quartz outdoor paints, asbestos encapsulants, intumescent paints, bi-components, epoxy resins and many others.

When equipped with the 30-litre stainless steel drop tank, the most powerful versions can also spray high viscosity products such as fillers, waterproofing sheaths or thixotropic products. Where the product to be applied has particular density characteristics, such as stucco or intumescent paints, it is necessary to equip the Airless paint sprayer with a drop tank instead of the suction system.

Our Airless painting systems are designed to facilitate this operation: the head is arranged vertically and for mounting it is enough to screw the tank on the intake valve. As a further accessory, we have also designed a special version of the same suction valve that has a shutter release button, thus avoiding having to empty the tank to free the seat.

The 30-litre tank of our Airless painting machines is made of stainless steel for greater strength than traditional plastic containers. Note its central position on the trolley, which allows the operator to move the paint sprayer easily together with the product.

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