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Continuous air spraying uses a compressor that sends under pressure (max 3 bar) a tank from which the product is sucked which, upon reaching the airbrush, mixes with the compressed air, always supplied by the compressor, at the air cap to spray the material optimally. This technology is used for the application of low and medium viscosity products that require a good quality finish.

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In the field of continuous air spray painting, the Short 110 model developed by TECNOVER is one of the most popular devices among users.

Its main feature is the ease of use and the elimination of the classic drawbacks of the cup gun such as the continuous refills and the weight of the same. The Short 110 series offers a very light gun and a tank that can directly hold the product packaging. No more raids that risk getting dirty: the work can proceed in a simple, continuous and more uniform way.

Thanks to the wide range of nozzles available (with sizes ranging from 0.8 to 3 mm) the Short series for continuous air spray painting is particularly suitable for spraying materials such as alphatone, polychrome products, and wall enamels, light plastic skins.

All this, in a wheeled painting machine that weighs less than 30 kg and is easily transportable, as well as particularly convenient for use indoors.

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