Turboshort 1000 2-Stage HVLP Turbine

770.00 (Italian VAT incl.)

The Turboshort 1000 2-stage HVLP turbine for your professional ecological painting works on small wooden or metal products.
Simple to use, it is equipped with a practical carrying case.

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  • 1200 Watt Single Phase 230V/50Hz 2-Stage Turbine
  • TECNOVER Professional Pistol mod. Airbass 300 with 1 litre cup
  • Equipped with 02 nozzles
  • 4 metre hot air piping
  • Convenient carrying case

The Turboshort 1000 uses the ecological High Volume Low Pressure method of painting.
The turbine it is equipped with generates a large volume of hot air, obtained mechanically by friction, facilitating the drying and the relative attachment of the paints to the supports.
The products rest gently on the surfaces to be covered, reducing the possibility of casting and accelerating their drying.
In addition to being hot, the air generated by the turbine is also dry: the relative humidity is reduced by almost 40% and the condensation of water and oil is completely eliminated.
This creates ideal conditions for a perfect application of modern paints.
The Low-Pressure method used by our HVLP turbines then limits the inconvenience of mist formation as it happens in compressed air equipment.
This results in economies of paint from 20 to 40% and the reduction of pollution to the benefit of the health of applicators and the environment.
The air filter placed in the inlet then guarantees perfect air quality while the high-power of the turbine allows optimal spraying of the paints obtaining finishes of the highest level.

The professional Airbass 300 pistol that completes the equipment allows the adjustment of the fan (horizontal, pink, vertical), the amount of material and to calibrate the air flow.
This peculiar characteristic, together with the wide range of available nozzles, allows it to adapt to the type of product used and the surface to be treated.
The practicality of moving, thanks to the practical case supplied, the weight and the small footprint complete the characteristics of excellence of this versatile machine.

Guaranteed by the TECNOVER brand, a leading Italian company with over 35 years of experience in the sector that guarantees reliability and efficiency over time.

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