Testarossa Superquindicimila Airless Paint Sprayer with a petrol engine

6,375.00 (Italian VAT incl.)

The extremely powerful airless paint sprayer for large surfaces equipped with a petrol engine for complete autonomy.
Suitable for large interior painting work, also with two operators at the same time, exterior painting also with quartz paints, spray application of fillers, waterproofing works.

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  • CE compliant Honda petrol engine
  • Power: HP 9
  • Noise level according to CE standards (75 dB)
  • Maximum Pressure: 250 Bar
  • Free delivery: 13 l/min
  • Maximum diameter of spray nozzle hole: 0.045″
  • Delivery head: 80 metrestri

The Airless method guarantees a very high-performance coating without fog formation.
However, due to logistical or contingent problems, it may be necessary to operate with equipment that is completely autonomous and not dependent on power lines.
The Testarossa series Airless paint sprayer mod. Superquindicimila with a petrol engine meets this particular need.
The machine is equipped with a Honda motor, for maximum quality and assistance, and is combined with the hydraulic unit through a belt system.
Airless paint sprayer strength Testarossa series mod. The petrol-powered Superquindicimila and its stainless steel head offer greater resistance to wear and tear of abrasive products.
Its range of action reaches 80 metres, both horizontally and mainly, allowing you to not waste time having to move the machine during use.
The sprayable products are: enamels, paints, antirust, primers, washable paints, siloxane and quartz paints, tempera, asbestos encapsulants, intumescent, two-component, epoxy resins and many others.

When equipped with the 30-litre drop tank, it can also apply high viscosity products such as fillers, waterproofing sheaths and intumescent paints.

Guaranteed by the TECNOVER brand, a leading Italian company with over 35 years of experience in the sector that guarantees reliability and efficiency over time.

TECNOVER airless paint sprayer mod. Testarossa Superquindicimila with a petrol engine on a trolley with paint kit:

  • Suction system for paint F36x2 with a stainless steel filter
  • Connector with a pressure gauge
  • Anti-vibration hose
  • High-pressure hose sing. metal braid diam. 1/4″, WP 300 Bar, length 10 metres
  • B500 Professional Airless Spray Gun
  • Extension of 50 cm for Airless Spray Gun
  • Kit Base + Paintip self-cleaning nozzle
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