Pack of 10 elastic filter bags for paints

29.00 (Italian VAT incl.)

Pack of 10 elastic filter bags for paints.
Recommended for spray-painting with very light enamels.

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This pack contains ten high-quality and maximum elasticity filter bags for paints. These filtration bag systems are a fundamental accessory for painting works: highly comfortable and practical, they eliminate impurities and dry residues of the old paints and filter heavier particulates.

Filter bags for paints are also simple and quick to use even in the presence of a single operator. The paint product’s correct filtration is aspired by the airless paint sprayers during the feeding phase, which maximises the activities and improves the final surface’s yield. Furthermore, it also increases the operator’s safety. Lastly, the bag’s filtering action before the paint’s entry into the equipment’s circulation reduces damage to gaskets and membranes and, consequently extends the airless paint sprayer’s life.

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