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Airless electric diaphragm paint sprayer TECNOVER

Tecnover designs and manufactures its electric airless diaphragm paint sprayer with a big goal: to ensure effectiveness and at the same time maximum safety for those who use it at home as well as on construction sites.

Tecnover has for years been a leading manufacturer of electric airless diaphragm paint sprayer. This type of apparatus allows a better coating, more homogeneous, with less waste of product, simply pulverizing the material passing through a nozzle with small size. To pulverize the paint is exploited high pressure and not the air and for this reason is called airless painting.

The specialized technicians of Tecnover are able to propose an electric Airless diaphragm paint sprayer  tailored to any customer, and only the best materials and the best components available today. on the market. Tecnover, for years a leader in the field of painting, offers its clients not only one model of electric airless diaphragm paint sprayer, but many  different models designed to meet customers’ needs, from domestic painters to carpenters, to the companies engaged in large construction sites.
Electric airless diaphragm paint sprayer is now a very popular machine requested to Tecnover; article characterized by the following advantages:

  • Quick application
  • Reduced overspray
  • Saving Product
  • Better and more uniform coverage of the surface.

The must-have device for high pressure coating on construction sites as well as in private homes, electric airless diaphragm paint sprayer of Tecnover combines the precision and effectiveness of always the obvious advantage of an extremely convenient and fast painting  of environments with all dimensions.
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