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Spray-painting equipment

Tecnover designs and manufactures spray painting equipments with two objectives: the best quality results and maximum safety for the workers who use it.
spray painting equipments of Tecnover is especially indicated for use in construction sites and for the painting of large surfaces.

Tecnover has long been a leader in the design, production and sale of spray painting equipments, modern appliance and certainly very comfortable, as well as quickly and accurately, to paint any environment.
Over all Tecnover ensures by its spray painting equipments a better, more homogeneous, with less waste of product, simply pulverizing the material passing through a nozzle with small size.
The specialized Tecnover are able to produce a spray painting equipments tailored to any customer, and only the best materials and the best components on the market today.
Tecnover, for years a leader in the field of painting, offers its customers not only one spray painting machine, but a number of different models designed to meet all customer needs.

Spray painting equipments is a very popular by companies to Tecnover. Spray painting equipments of Tecnover can be of different sizes and with different power, but each of these articles is characterized by the following advantages:

  • Quick application
  • Reduced overspray
  • Saving Product
  • Better and more uniform coverage of the surface.

Machine  now indispensable for the coating in the building industry, spray painting equipments of Tecnover combines the precision and effectiveness of always the undoubted advantage of a device always reliable for the coating of large and very large surfaces.
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