SHORT 110 series is one of the most known spray painting systems amongst users.

It is compound by a special pressure machine for continuous air spray painting.
Its main features are the ease of use and the elimination of the usual disadvantages of cup spray gun like the continuous loading and their weight.
The SHORT 110 series is equipped with a very light spray gun and a tank that directly contains the product packaging: no more transfers or risks to dirty!
Your work can proceed in an easy, continuous and more uniform way.

Due to the wide range of nozzles in the equipment (from 0,8 to 3 mm.) the SHORT 110 series fits particularly to spraying: alphatone, polychrome products, enamels, washable paint (also with quartz), distempers and slight peel plastics.
This cart machine weighs less than 30 kg. and therefore is easily transportable and very handy to use in homes.

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