Turboshort 1000 and Airbass Turbo 800 utilize the ecologic spray painting system “High Volume Low Pressure”.
The turbine produces a high volume of warm air, obtained mechanically by attrition, making the paint adhere to surfaces easier.
The products are applied on, reducing the possibility of sagging while speeding up air drying.

The air generated by turbine in addition to being warm is also dry: the relative humidity is lowered by almost 40 % and the condensation of water and oil is totally eliminated, so ideal conditions are created for a perfect application of modern paints.
The Low Pressure system used by our turbines HVLP then cancels the creation of fog, typical inconvenient of compressed air system,.
Due to these features 20% to 40% of paint is saved as well as a reduction of pollution with advantages both to the health of users and to the environment.

The air filter situated at the inlet also guarantees a perfect quality of air whilst the high power of the turbine permits an optimum atomization of paint resulting in a very high level finish.

The professional spray gun with cup Airbass 300 in the equipment permits the regulation of the fan (horizontal, vertical or round) , of the quantity of material and also has the possibility of controlling the air flow.
The wide range of available nozzles (from 1 to 3,5 mm), permits you to have the best usage both of the product and on the surfaces to treat.

The practicality, low weight and dimensions all complete the features of these very versatile machines.

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