Kit Base + Replaceable reversible Zip Tip nozzle

Easy no-tool assembly


Product Description

Kit Base + Replaceable reversible Zip Tip nozzle

Available sizes:

  • 0,09″ – 0,11″ – 0,13″ – 0,15″ (suggested for enamels)
  • 0,17″ – 0,19″ – 0,21″ (for varnishes and encapsulating products for asbestos)
  • 0,23″ – 0,25″ (for paints)
  • 0,27″ – 0,29″ ( for quartz paints, fire retardants, resins)
  • 0,31″ – 0,33″ – 0,35″ (for Airless stucco, bituminous products)

Easy no-tool assembly: hand tight
Universal: threading 11/16″ fits all European airless guns
Hardened stainless steel cylinder
Tungsten Carbide nozzle to guarantee longer life
Easy orientation change from horizontal to vertival spray pattern

All this is guaranteed by TECNOVER, a leading manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in this market, assuring you quality and durability on its Airless spray painting equipment and accessories.

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