Airless pumps for painting

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Always close to its customers, Tecnover enjoys a rich variety of products for painting.
The cutting edge of spray painting pumps has become, in recent years, Airless pump.
Why is it called “Airless”?
AIRLESS PUMP FOR PAINTING uses a technology very refined:
the sprayed material is not forced out by the pressure of the air, but it passes through a small hole exploiting the high pressure that results.

AIRLESS PUMP FOR PAINTING is practical but also economical, for this reason it has great demand in the market:
– Is easy to use;
– It is easy to handle;
– Has a nozzle adapted to any type of material and surface;
– There is little waste of material
– Covers the surface in an excellent manner.

AIRLESS PUMPS FOR PAINTING are exploited in any field also because adaptable to any type of material:

  • In the building: to cover load-bearing walls
  • In shipyards: to paint wooden boats
  • Road signs
  • In ceramics to coat cups, coffee cups, vases, cabinets and more
  • In private: as sprayer of anticorrosive paint.


Tecnover proposes different models with interchangeable nozzles for airless pumps for painting. They are easy to use and, above all, to assemble.

  • For a quick painting
  • For finer finishes
  • For a wide range of uses

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